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What to expect at a Vibrational Sound Therapy Session

You'll need to fill out a standard intake form for your first visit You can download it and fill it out on your computer and email it to me , or print it and fill it out by hand and bring with you. 

Sessions are done on a massage table. You are fully clothed the whole time so wear comfortable clothes without metal decorations (to avoid the bowls clanking). Shoes will come off and socks are usually a good idea, I can provide a blanket if you desire. I advise removing extra jewelry before you come so you don't have to worry about it, and may ask you to remove a belt with a metal buckle. If you usually wear a bra the session will probably be most comfortable with a less structured bra, or no bra at all. I prefer that you don't wear perfume for my own comfort.  It's good to be well hydrated before you come, but you'll definitely want to drink plenty of water after your session.

Unlike a massage there is virtually no hand contact by me except for occasionally stabilizing the bowls, such as on the lower arms in some sessions. If it's your first time I'll describe the the session, as well as letting you feel the largest bowl on your body before we get started. I can adjust the session style if you have any concerns.

The bowls are placed on the body in a specific pattern, from the upper torso to the feet. They are struck with a felt mallet to create a gentle vibration that you'll feel, as well as a bell-like tone you'll hear.  Some bowls may also be used near the body.

The session should always be comfortable and relaxing, so if at any time you feel anxious or uncomfortable please tell me so we make adjustments. 

100 minute sessions consist of a 50 minute session on the back of the body and a 50 minute session on the front of the body.

50 minute sessions consist of a 50 minute session on either the front or the back of the body, or 25 minutes on each side. 

After a session you're advised to drink plenty of water. Please don't leave the session until you are feeling grounded and ready. 
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